The ‘Frontier Investors Dinners’ was designed to connect affluent and upcoming business minds who have a common purpose to innovate, network share ideas and past experiences on a personal level that you can’t find in today’s vibrant city.

A&O Acquisitions are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring all upcoming dinners at the prestigious Eight Private Members Club, London.

The first instalment was a huge success, the guest speakers were truly passionate and transparent which set the high expectation for the forthcoming dinners to be just as good.

Guest Speakers
Mr Ije Nwokorie the CEO of Wolf Ollins,
Following a series of accidents, missteps and happy coincidences – after training as an architect – Ije became CEO of Wolff Olins; a position which gives him ultimate responsibility for the people, product and profits.

Most of his time here is spent figuring how to make something unprecedented happen, with a full-fat, high-caffeine, all-in, nothing-held-back style. He loves diving in, getting to the heart of the matter, trying things and getting as many people involved as possible. Collaboration is absolutely vital to Ije. This approach helps to find multiple solutions: some surprising, others wonderfully straightforward. This is done at a fizzing, energetic tempo but with one eye always on exactly what we’re trying to do, so he can keep focus on the all-important objective at hand.

As well as paying attention to people and figuring out how to help them achieve the things they want, he keeps a hands-on approach to design, which has shone through with clients such as Mercedes, Skype, EE and Expedia.

Outside Wolff Olins, Ije’s volunteer work with expectant families in his local church is a, “massive highlight of my life. Apart from that, trying to keep up with the kids (aged 10 and 7) is what keeps me young”.

Mr Jonathan Treacher, Chairman & Managing Director of Ardour Capital
Jonathan Treacher has spent the past twenty years as an Investment Banker and financier with a focus on frontier and emerging markets. Jonathan’s expertise is in the structuring and financing of transactions with a focus on ensuring that transactions are realistic and can get completed.

Currently Jonathan is a Managing Director of Ardour Capital, a firm focussed on Renewable Energy and Clean Technology, and in 2011 raised in excess of $250m for clients. He is Chairman of Africa Power, a company set up to finance and install renewable power on off grid cell phone towers throughout Africa. He is also Chairman of the Ardour East Africa Renewable Energy Fund, which will invest in renewable power projects throughout the East African region.

Jonathan has been resident part of each year in Uganda for over ten years and has been a serial PRIVATE INVESTOR in property development during that time. Currently, through Ardour, he is advising on the largest real estate development transaction in Uganda, with an estimated value, upon completion, in excess of US$1 bn.

Jonathan is also a director of the Made in Africa Foundation, a UK Foundation set up to provide grant funding for Feasibility Studies and Master plans for major infrastructure projects throughout Africa. The Foundation has received an initial funding commitment for $7m, from Atlantic Energy and its founder, Kola Aluko.

Previously, Jonathan was director, Chief Executive, and latterly Chairman, of Absolute Capital, a hedge fund management business. Starting with assets under management of €40m the business grew, over a four year period, to have assets under management in excess of €3.2bn. It was awarded hedge fund of the year in 2006 and listed on the AIM market in London achieving a peak market capitalisation in excess of £400m.

Why Frontier?
The majority of discussion that take place during the dinner reflect ‘Chatham House Rules’ for complete discretion, therefore is a priceless experience. The three main reasons on why consider attending;

  • Sharing Knowledge
    Without doubt the most impressive part of being in the room during the dinner is the way in which people openly share their knowledge and experience. We found that the issues under discussion had been experienced by at least one of the other entrepreneurs and in a large number of cases advice has saved time and perhaps more importantly by sharing their key learning points and contacts. Anything from what worked investing in Eastern Europe vs investing in Sub Sahara Africa.
  • Working together
    All of the CEOs and professionals that attend run relatively large businesses with the consequent demands on their time and yet, probably true to their entrepreneurial roots, the group formed together and in fairly short time have starting collaborating on a number of projects.
  • Meaningful connections

Attending the monthly forum is an opportunity not only to network on a personal level but to explore new potentials and harness knowledge, the speakers not only speak about the ups but also the downs on ventures and it’s really a key aspect to learn from ones mistakes. Take a look at the testimonials below for a better insight.



“The Frontier dinners was a brilliant event. It provided the platform for constructive conversation from brilliant minds who have vested interest in the development of Frontier Markets. All attendees and speakers contributed it what was an engaging, enlightening and very productive dinner. We are looking forward to July’s dinner”
Mr Gbite Oduneye, CEO, A&O Acquisitions

Many thanks for organising last night, it was fun and thought provoking.
Sharokh Koussari, Partner, DWFM Beckman

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was really impressed by the great bunch of likeminded people
Will Tindall Co-Founder Emerging Crowd Ltd.

I found the event worthwhile and thought provoking, it was definitely time well invested.

Mr Joseph Farodoye, Co-founder, API Africa Property Invest

“Fantastic insight to the true African Investment Landscape from a personal level, location, food and most of all the company was sensational”
Egzon Berisha, Senior Business Associate, A&O Acquisitions

When a pleasant environment with good food hosts great people to compelling conversation you get magic! That’s what happened on Tuesday night.

Tomi Davies, President, African Business Angel Network

“The event was a pleasant surprise all round. I enjoyed the fact that as the evening went on our conversations went beyond mere networking to more profound subjects around the future of industries and Africa.”
Mr Ndubuisi Kejeh | Partner,De Charles


What’s next?
The next instalment will be on the 7th of July, Our guests will include His Excellency High Commissioner of the Republic of Rwanda to the United Kingdom & Non-resident Ambassador to Ireland Williams Nkurunziza . Mr Gavin Serkin, Author of Frontier: Exploring the Top Ten Emerging Markets of Tomorrow; Frontier funds can be ordered from here and Gavin has kindly agreed to sign it for you on the 7th July.

The agenda for the dinner will include an overview from the High Commissioner on Vision2020 the Rwandan Government economic development plan detailing key Trade & Investment sectors; a discussion on the specific financial services related components of this; central bank and capital markets development, regulatory environment. The key infrastructure projects and discussion on PPP financing developments; and a discussion on the business environment in Rwanda and key initiatives to increase market access.

For more information on how to attend please email the organisers at
For Sponsorship and other partnership enquiries please call 07555071439.

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