Capital Markets

A&O ACQUISITIONS was established with the primary objective of providing a single investment platform for African Diaspora and international investors to take part in investment opportunities across the African continent.

To deliver its investment services the firm partners with local investment and stock brokering company’s across the continent to leverage their local expertise in providing superior investment opportunities to global investors.

[vc_blockquote_1]At A&O ACQUISITIONS we explore the opportunities that abound in the capital market and also offer first class services to its clients. The company’s main business operation is to offer investment management services to its clients.[/vc_blockquote_1]

Investment advisory

A&O ACQUISITIONS provide high quality professionally developed investment strategies that result in value creation for our clientele. We work equally with individual investors and investment managers that are responsible for sizeable investment portfolios.

Portfolio and Wealth Management

We provide a personalised bespoke service for the wealth management needs of private investors. We seek to optimise risk adjusted returns consistent with your investment objectives and risk profile.

Shares dealing and Brokerage services

A&O ACQUISITIONS will assist investors to buy and sell shares on the floor of the African Stock Exchanges irrespective of their investment objective. We shall also provide information to assist clients who prefer to actively trade on their portfolio. This is carried out through our various broker partners across the continent.

Research Support

Our associated company, SBA Research Group gives detailed financial reports to pan African Organisations and Journals. SBA Research Group is the leading provider of financial market data for the African and Middle East region.

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