We offer specialised expertise, impartial analysis and innovation to our clients by assisting and providing expertise in building an art portfolio and also acquiring art for the purpose of investment. We assure the very best service. We specialise in Contemporary African and European art.

Fine art itself is increasingly attractive as an alternative asset and as a store of wealth. The market alone has expanded 600% in only 20 years. With more new buyers in numbers from both established and emerging economies; and not just individuals but also a growing number of public and private institutions are cherry-picking art with the most appreciation value over time.

We can introduce you to specialist’s, who have access to a wide variety of art in contemporary African and European art. Find out how you can benefit today with a free market research subscription.

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  • Demand is increasing, Supply is constrained, Prices are rising

Value of global art market, 1992 = $10 Billion
Value of global art market, 2012 = $58 Billion

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