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Brics Business Council’s Iqbal Surve on key investment outcomes from the Brics summit

Dr Iqbal Surve, Chairperson, Brics Business Council spoke to CNBC Africa about key agreements that were signed at the 10th Brics summit and how they will create opportunities for small businesses.

Does U.S. debt matter? | CNBC Explains

U.S. government debt stands at more than $21 trillion. Does it matter? CNBC’s Elizabeth Schulze explains. ----- Subscribe to us on YouTube:

Silicon Valley VC model doesn’t work in Africa, argues Silvertree Holdings man

The Silicon Valley venture capital (VC) model doesn’t work in Africa and other emerging markets, argues Manuel Koser, the managing director and co-founder of Silvertree Internet Holdings. The funder likes to refer to itself as a …